Our Vision

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

Being a world-class cutting tools dealer; One that becomes a benchmark for other dealers; One that impresses its customers first time and every time. This we would achieve through dedicated and whole hearted efforts which would bring an all round satisfaction.

Why Work With Us?

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.

On given a chance, our talented team of professionals possesses the skills to expose, we have our marketing office at prime strategic location in Coimbatore. With the available expertise and blend of cutting tools knowledge, our teams approach in marketing the cutting tools would be the best among the best. Our devotion and dedication will surely prove to be our main strength which will mutually benefit us and your company.

Our Experience

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.

Our hired technical marketing persons are having good experience in this Industry. In their earlier experience they had achieved an utilizing their technical knowledge, marketing skills. We have maintained very good customer relationship with all major corporate customers and small-scale industries in and around India.


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Apar Industries

Improving service life of equipment for all
industries since 2010


We adhere to stringent quality!

The vision of our company is to ensure services that are safe and secure. Three key concepts form the foundation of our national strategy designed to achieve this vision: security, resilience, customs and exchange. In turn, these key concepts drive broad areas of activity that the company review process defines as our missions. These missions are enterprise-wide, and not limited to one department.

Our Product


India is one of the world's fastest growing economic systems. This is particularly applicable to the automobile and automotive industry.


Lightweight construction is growing inexorably, especially in the aerospace industry. Now offers tools for machining panels.

General Machining

Better machines and higher pay: For industry professionals attending the China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition 2014 in Beijing.

Energy Technology

According to the German federal government’s GreenTech Atlas, green technology will be one of the growth drivers of the future.

Mold and Die

A discussion with Hanjo Gissler, product manager for milling at LMT Tools, illustrates the rapid development in mold and die making.

Project Engineering

Reliable performance, reproducible results, lower storage costs and higher cutting speed - during tapping users.

Who we serve

We offer a comprehensive range of services - based on each customer’s requirements and needs. Continuous improvement of processes is the cornerstone of upholding and developing first class services for.

  • Pumb Manufactures
  • Valve Manufactures
  • Automotive Components Manufactures
  • Aero Space Components
  • Steel & Construction Equipments
  • The Energy Industries
  • All Engineering Industries